A Testimony In Aid Of Political Destabilization


It was an old trick from the Liberal Party political playbook. A witness stands during a supposed legislative inquiry and accusing whoever they want to accuse so that the people would go to the streets and call for a change in government.

This time around, they were banking on Edgar Matobato’s testimony so that another one of their antiquated calls for people power would push through and then eventually the Vice President would inherit the People’s Palace (as President Rodrigo Duterte called Malacañang).

Obviously, Leni Robredo would replace the President and LP would be in a more familiar political position which until now, they are not ready to let go of. This pathetic attempt of a “Legislative Testimony in Aid of Political Destabilization” has backfired on them as the Senate has bravely replaced Justice Committee Chair Leila de Lima with a more somber and more deserving statesman Senator Richard Gordon.

Now that has been settled, De Lima and her newfound bff Senator Antonio Trillanes are still calling for this sham of a witness to be under the protective custody of the Senate so that they can continue their demolition against the Chief Executive.

The irony of all these sarsuela in the Senate is that both have been masquerading as a champion of human rights while they have allowed the bastardization of due process when it comes to serving their political interests. We will go to these in future posts but for now, let’s focus on Matobato and how his testimony could even land him in jail due to perjury.

The witness of Senator De Lima, who was conveniently transported to Manila, was in fact under the DOJ’s Witness Protection Program in 2014. Yet somehow, no cases were filed against Duterte for his supposed link to the infamous Davao Death Squad.

At that time, President Noynoy Aquino would have fully supported De Lima, who was the Secretary of Justice back then.  If they were serious about human rights, she could have pursued a case or charged then Mayor Duterte in court and the nation could have been spared from all their drama.

The point is that the Extra Judicial Killings or DDS rumors in Davao City would been resolved years ago if De Lima brought it to the right venue. It would have been the courts that would have decided whether Duterte was guilty or not.

The public persecution of Duterte by the LP has to stop. They have even ignored putting Matobato’s accounts in an affidavit as they were confident that last week would have been the boiling point for a civilian or worse, military uprising.

Because of their total failure,  they have now resorted to going to the international press, believing that foreign governments would overthrow the President for unsubstantiated claims of state-sponsored killings.

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano said it best yesterday during his privilege speech that there is an organized effort to demonize the President and and imply that our country is uncivilized.

De Lima complained in various media interviews last night that she was surprised that her colleagues would oust her in the leadership of the Justice Committee. She claims that the Senate would have exerted their independence from the Executive Branch and would not “add to her troubles”.

You were removed as Justice Committee Chair for a reason Maam. You were using these hearings as a platform so that you and your yellow political allies would could return to power.

We here at the DDS, which stands for Duterte Die-hard supporters by the way, also did not expect that You, Sen. Trillanes, Sen Risa Hontiveros, Sen Kiko Pangilinan, and Sen Drilon would go to great lengths to put a bad light on our country.

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