When Plan B of The Yellow Army Fails



It was September 15 when Vice President Leni Robredo released this statement in favor of Trillanes and De Lima witness Edgar Matobato.

The allegations raised by Senate witness Edgar Matobato are serious.

We must exhaust all efforts to get to the truth with due regard for our democratic processes and the rule of law.

I enjoin the public to remain vigilant and discerning as the investigation unfolds.

You can even check it on her official page (https://lenirobredo.com/vice-president-leni-robredo-on-the-senate-investigation/). A day later, she somewhat backtracked on her assessment of the obviously coached witness and said “Robredo: Matobato’s statement must be ‘taken with a grain of salt’ (http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/581662/news/nation/robredo-matobato-s-statement-must-be-taken-with-a-grain-of-salt#sthash.024N26KI.dpuf)

So what’s really going on here?

If you think Robredo is having doubts, better think again. It’s not about that she is skeptical about the credibility of Matobato, it’s just that her party failed to create the overly employed “people power” uprisings that her party creates whenever they have a problem with a sitting administration.

Matobato’s first appearance was choreographed and it was evident in the succeeding hearing where senators blasted the alleged member of the DDS for his inconsistencies. A word of advice for Trillanes and De Lima: You guys should hire a better script writer.



Your witness is lying and whoever allowed him to sit in the Senate hearing was not prepared for the embarrassing performance of a lifetime.

Trillanes is so used to destabilization efforts, he thought this one would be another reason for him to jumpstart a revolution. What he didn’t count on is that people now are more intelligent, more discerning that his sarsuela is becoming more and more evident as the days go by.

Trillanes, whoever you are working for, it’s not working and your archaic tactics will not attract you supporters, well except maybe for the likes of Leah Navarro and Jim Paredes who are drooling over the sight of President Duterte failing so that Robredo can sit in the People’s Palace.


3 thoughts on “When Plan B of The Yellow Army Fails”

  1. I dont think so that Leni Robrdo against Pres. Duterte.She just one to clarify what those people (Matobato )was saying,of what i understand she just only concerned with the Pres. and no anything bad against the Pres.As i noticed those against Leni is trying to destroy her.


  2. Nabasa ko sa isang paliwanag ni Leni Robredo na kahit nanggaling ciya sa mga Yellow groups na cinasabi hinde ibig sabihin na against siya sa ating Pangulo.Hind ko pa nakikita ng personal siya pero naniniwala ako na mabuti siyan g tao may takot sa Dios,very simple , matulungin.Kung puwedi wag naman tayong manira,o pag awayin ang ating Pres. At Vice Pres. kawawa naman yong tao wala namang ginagawa againts the Pres.


    1. Hi Maam Nelia. Thank you for your comment. We disagree po because part siya ng coordinated movement ng Liberal Party to discredit the President. If read my blog po maam, makikita niyo na bumawi lang siya sa statement dahil hindi nagkaroon ng people power nung nag testify si Matobato. Salamat po ulit maam sa pagpunta sa page na ito at kahit hindi fan ni Tatay Digong, welcome makipag usap. Salamat 🙂


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