The Woman Card



The Leila De Lima issue did not only divide human rights advocates. It further divided feminists and women’s rights activists. Make no mistake. Not all women’s rights advocates see De Lima as a victim. Some of the more enlightened ones see her as a predator.
De Lima is NOT every woman simply because not every woman was and is as powerful as her. Not every woman is a lawyer. Not every woman became Chair of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR). Not every woman became the Secretary of the ever so powerful and feared Department of Justice (DOJ). And not every woman had a chance to become a Senator of the Republic. The only affinity of De Lima to every woman is her gender. Nothing more.

De Lima knows how to use power. Based on news reports, she used her power for sexual favors and that it implied Ronnie Dayan, Warren Cristobal, Jaybee Sebastian among her so called victims. All these men, at least 20 years her junior are married and wouldn’t have been allegedly sexually involved with her if she was not the DOJ Secretary then. If the allegations are true, all these men cheated on their wives (who by the way are women too) just to get financial or business favors from her.

Again if the stories are true, she could have used her power to get drug payola from Bilibid. Even before the De Lima Bilibid scandal broke out, she already had a reputation for being a drug protector. It is only now that Pandora’s box of Delima’s notoriety is fully divulged.

Delima tried to pull out the EJK card, the human rights card and now the woman card to act as a smoke screen in hiding her plunder and abuse of power. And all these rights groups, NGOs, and even some religious who from the start hate Duterte come to her defense as if she is Mother Mary or some saint who is being attacked. Are they out of their “disente” minds?

While DDS News does not condone this so called “slut shaming” of Delima, it also will not cover up the truth just because she is a woman.

De Lima is NOT and will never be a victim. She gives every woman a bad name.

So to all of you women’s rights advocates protecting “Santa Delima,” beware of what you are doing. Do not throw away the gains of the Philippine women’s rights movement to protect a criminal. Do not destroy the women’s advocacy to protect a power hungry predator. Do not shame the cause just because you hate Duterte so much that you are willing to lose your credibility rallying the cause of a drug protector.

An enlightened woman once said, “If you want to gain the respect of men, fight fairly, squarely, and with dignity. Only pull out the ‘woman card’ when you have a lost cause because it is a panacea in winning every argument.”

Delima is losing this battle. So she decided to pull out her last card – the WOMAN CARD.

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