Waiting for An Anti-Duterte Snowball



Some human rights groups, a few religious lackeys, what was left of the Liberal Party, and the so-called civil society (aka the evil society) are coming up with various gimmicks to create an anti-Duterte snowball.

Unfortunately, their efforts remain wanting or result into an utter failure.

Take for instance the “wear black” campaign of the Ateneo and La Salle in the UAAP game a week ago. Most of La Salleans did not follow. Around 1/3 of Ateneo did but majority of the alumni from both schools proudly wore their blue and green colors. In the end, Ateneo lost the game to La Salle and lost again to UP in the succeeding game. Moral of the story: Don’t wear black. Malas!

The two elite schools’ campaign resulted in tragedy since instead of getting the message across in protesting alleged extrajudicial killings and the burial of Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani which are basically directed against Duterte, Ateneo and La Salle administrations became the butt of jokes since the campaign fizzled out on their faces.

To make things worse for them, the DDS, being very playful and creative as they are, expressed their contempt through memes heckling them. Utang na loob Ateneo and La Salle, wag nang ulitin! Mapapahiya pa more!

Then, Delima and her expensive PR firm decided to have this black mass for her in La Salle Greenhills last Saturday. Only God knows what happened there since there seems to be a news black out of the event. Our guess, nothing newsworthy happened because only a handful came.

Thereafter, Delima decided to have her altar theatrics in the CBCP chapel while Jaybee Sebastian testifies against her in Congress. Her #everywoman campaign turned into a campaign of one and a rally of none. Epic fail! It backfired since everyone did not only find her crying and prayer antics the height of hypocrisy but also got annoyed with the apparent support of CBCP. Hence, our advice to Delima is to ask for a refund from her pricey PR. Naonse ka, madam!

Finally, the most recent campaign is preventing the Miss Universe in being held here in 2017 by a petition launched by yellow women crabs. We don’t really know what their point is but instead of gaining traction, they are painting themselves as an obstruction. Can’t they come up with something better? Or is that the best thing that jaundiced minds can muster?

The President’s September 16 trust rating is 86% according to Pulse Asia while the SWS survey from September 24-27 registers a net trust rating of 76%. Hence, whether it is 86% or 76%, more than 3/4 of Filipinos support the President and no logical thinking person can expect for anything to snowball at this time.

So what is their best strategy? Give the Philippines bad foreign press. And we say, bring it on. Bad foreign press never killed China’s economy or lessened Russia’s military power. In the same way, bad foreign press won’t diminish the Philippines’ influence in Asia. Most countries in Asia do not exactly have good foreign foreign press either.

So to those plotting and losing sleep waiting for a snowball, happy plotting. We assure you that it will be 6 years of cursed frustrating plotting years to come. Crab mentality pa more!

4 thoughts on “Waiting for An Anti-Duterte Snowball”

  1. Wlang pagasa ang mga binabalak nilang msama dhil ayaw na ng mga pilipino ang dating klakaran na walng pagbabago panay pangako, ngayon khit na nka 100 days plang ang presidente parang nka anim na taon.na paano pa kya kung matapos niya ang term niya


  2. Wlang pagasa ang mga binabalak nilang msama dhil ayaw na ng mga pilipino ang dating klakaran na walng pagbabago panay pangako, ngayon khit na nka 100 days plang ang presidente parang nka anim na taon.na paano pa kya kung matapos niya ang term niya


  3. The past few weeks my blood pressure climbed to 140/100 high, thanks to leila “tiguwang igat” de lima. All along i knew the majority of filipinos wanting change will never listen to her nyak nyak nyak in school campuses and inside a cbcp chapel. I am requesting the complainant against delima to secure solid evidences and send the nymph behind bars


  4. We are just so lucky these days for having social media sites instead of just having ABS CBN which is being paid by the yellow family. Otherwise, we would be in the same scenario like Edsa power where people were too gullible and focused only on what the news from TV were showing. Filipino people now are more intelligent and clever. De Lima as everyone see tries to hop in and hop off from different schools in the country to gather young people and form a so-called revolution against President Duterte. This woman is really losing her mind. I wonder whether she goes to Mental Hospital first before she even gets a step to the jail.


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