How the LP and Yellow Army Are Hijacking the US-China-Philippines Conversation


by Cristobal 

The U.S. debt to China is $1.241 trillion, as of June 2016. That’s almost 31% of the $4.038 trillion in Treasury bills, notes, and bonds held by foreign countries. (

This fact from The Balance website summarizes how the US-China relationship is more than just a potential military conflict in the West Philippine Sea. The two countries have highlighted the importance of the economic ties between Beijing and Washington

An article from the Chinese Embassy to the US  also describes the trade relationship as a “Win-win game” (See

The US also reciprocates this viewpoint. “The United States and China recognize their shared interest in promoting a strong and open global economy, inclusive growth and sustainable development, and a stable international financial system, supported by the multilateral economic institutions founded at the end of World War II that have benefited the peoples of both nations.” This statement comes from no other less than The White House. (See

Now, bring back the conversation back home in our country. The Liberal Party and its online minions have made a vapid conversation piece to their yellow supporters and pushing for standing up against China in the West Philippine Sea.

So who fucking said that President Duterte will give up its claim in the disputed region? In fact, before Duterte left for Brunei, the President has already stated that we will never give up our territory given that we have already the UN arbitration ruling in our favor.

If it’s in the interest of the US to maintain a peaceful relationship with China, why can’t we apply that to our own country? The messaging of the yellow zombies is to drum up faux nationalist sentiments while fully knowledgeable of the fact that this country cannot defend itself yet from foreign invaders.

The problem with the territorial dispute with China is not an overnight story. It has been brewing for more than five decades and sadly because of the political instability during the Marcos-Cory Aquino-Estrada-Arroyo-Noynoy Aquino presidencies, we have been left behind by other nations that have equal claims to the region. The culture of corruption that have plagued this nation has been so pandemic that we can’t even boast long range missiles to protect our porous sea borders.

This problem is something that President Duterte is correcting and he sees that going to war against China won’t be a solution. The multi-faceted approach to the West Philippine Sea issue is more than just us asking American military forces to keep out of Mindanao or the expletives that the yellow idiots have been amplifying over the first few months of this administration.

It’s about keeping a good economic relationship with our neighbor who will keep our economy afloat and at the same time avoiding war.

Former Defense Secretary and Congressman Roilo Golez has blogged weeks ago that an alliance between US and China is unthinkable for the majority of Filipinos. He cited his own personal survey and projected that 80% of Filipinos would prefer stronger US-PH ties due to our cultural, social, and ideological affinity.

Using Hollywood parlance to react to this is like O-M-G, Golez is so tama. Like the US is our tagapagligtas and we should make iwas China because we love our daily dose of Kardashians and we don’t want to make tigil the exports of Banana Republic and Polo Ralph Lauren to our bansa. What will my kumpares say if I don’t make suot the mamahaling American clothes and I don’t nood Netflix?

But seriously, I don’t get why the Yellow neanderthals are so alarmed that it is this government’s policy of allowing China to be a trading partner. Why is it ok for the Chinese and Americans to be at peace and have a prosperous economic relationship with each other while Filipinos want us to stick with the US at the risk of waging war against a nuclear neighbor?

I think it all boils down to the ego of the likes of Cynthia Patag, Jim Paredes, Agot Isidro, Leah Navarro, Maria Montelibano, Loida Nicolas Lewis, Vicky Garchitorena, Dinky Soliman, Ging Deles, Etta Rosales, Jessica Zafra, and Duterte critics including former staff of defeated candidates Grace Poe/Chiz Escudero (Yes, we know about your rogue group and how your principals do not know that you are doing yellow work).

Their collective noise and trying to reach out to the international community, particularly the West, is straining our image abroad and they will see to it that they would hijack the all conversations that involves President Duterte.

Maybe it’s about time to fund the yellow groups including their pages which they are admins of: Superficial Gazette, Change Scamming,  Juan Nationalist, Oras na Roxas Na, Silent No More, among others. Maybe we should give them guns or whatever they need so they could go to the Spratlys themselves.

Meanwhile, while they’re busy protesting our new relationship status with China, President Duterte is just working hard to see to it that all Filipinos get an equal chance to get resources and live comfortably.

13 thoughts on “How the LP and Yellow Army Are Hijacking the US-China-Philippines Conversation”

    1. Sa panig natin bilang tao may contradiction kaya may pinapanigan tayong mabuti batay sayong kagustuhan at may inaayawan ka batay sa iyong paniniwala ngunit sa mata ng Diyos di mabuti at di masama ang mga iyon lahat pati demonyo siya ang lumikha kaya kung si Duterte man makisama sa china at umayaw sa america di mabuti di masama yon kaya nagkakagulo ang mundo dahil sa inyong kasakiman o Ego na syang kasangkapan ng pagkatao kumapit tayo sa ating lahi bilang anak ng Diyos hindi yong lahi ni Adan bilang pagkatao.


  1. what are the best we can do to stop these yellowtards? I mean by legal process? Senator De Lima and Trillanes are very obvious on their moves to removed the president. Even the VP had conversation during her trip in the US saying…. we’ll wait until the president being killed….


    1. That’s the price we pay for being in a democratic form of government, we, however could be vigilant and actively participate in counter-information. Let us inform the world of how we love our president and that we will be hand-in-hand with Him to the last day of His presidency.


  2. Desperate move on the part of the sinking Laboratory Party ( LP). They are living in fantasy hoping that the sinking boat can be rescued after a futile attempt to destroy Duterte through De Lima and Trillanes. They even attempted to stop the Muss Universe pageant to be held in PH. But they are a total failure. In America, they attempted to destroy Duterte and his administration. But they failed. They are nowhere to go. Their men Pnoy Aquino and Mar Roxas are about to be exposed on their role in the proliferation of illegal drugs in PH, the missing billions of pesos in PCSO, in She’ll Tax scam, Pagcor anomalies, illegal mining, and a lot more of their excesses and abuses. To them I say, they should wave a white flag for they can do nothing! RIP yellowtard!


  3. Filipinos who are overwhelming supportive of Duterte need to raise their voice louder and tell these corrupted yellowtards to back off or they will be booted out of their jobs.


  4. We should be UNRELENTING in our efforts to counter the muck campaign of the YellowTurds (yes, as in Tae). They don’t deserve a second chance to rule our country again which is still reeling from their destruction during their time.


  5. It’s time to remove the “Yellowtards” legally from their political assignments because they destroy the reputation of our President and of the People of the Philippines. There must be Justice and all corrupt Judges need to be removed from their posts. Also all the politicians involved in the illegal drug business must be removed from their posts and all of them need to be punished by law!

    This will give trust to foreigners to help our economy to grow, especially if they now that their investment is protected. The first fruits we saw in the past weeks, Japan, Germany and other countries start to invest in the Philippines and this because they trust to the new Government ruled by Duterte.

    So that the “drama” in the Senate should stop, because first of all it’s useless and second it cost a lot of money which would be better invested helping poor families.

    Filipinos have to weak up and realize whats going on and support our President and stop to criticize him who only want to get the best for the future of the People and the Country!


  6. The problem with the territorial dispute with China is not an overnight story. It has been brewing for more than five decades and sadly because of the political instability during the Marcos-Cory Aquino-Estrada-Arroyo-Noynoy Aquino presidencies, we have been left behind by other nations that have equal claims to the region. The culture of corruption that have plagued this nation has been so pandemic that we can’t even boast long range missiles to protect our porous sea borders.

    di ba si RAMOS dapat hindi si MARCOS kasi mula noong pinaTAlsik nila ni APO LAKAY umpisa na rin bumagsak ang PILIPINAS….


  7. We are Praying for you our beloved President Rodrigo Roa Duterte…na mananagumpay tayo….laban sa yellow tart.kultong dilawan….dahil sila ay anti christ……sila ang totoong tuta ng mga kano….last Oct.19…ang pasimuno ng rally ay si Bam Aquino at Risa Honteverous…binayaran nila yong mga nagrally ng 500 to 1,000peso ..doon sa US EMBASY…..YANG MGA KULTONG DILAWAN….DAPAT KASUHAN NA SILA AT PARA PANAGUTAN ANG MGA EVIL WORK NILA….ALMOST 30 years ang ating bansa ay puro evil works ang ginagawa ng mga kultong dilawan….since ng si cory aquino ang naging pangulo ….bumagsak ang pilipinas…..dahil sa ginawa ni FVR…dahil na inggit kay MARCOS….KAYA HUMINGI SIYA NG TULONG SA U.S. PARA PABAGSAKIN SI MARCOS…KUNG TOTOUSIN….PANALO ULI SI MARCOS SA SNAP ELECTION noong 1986…..dahil sa pag aakala nila makukuha nila…ang kayamanan ni MARCOS NA MGA GOLD BAR….NA SA WORLD BANK… NAKA LAAN SANA SA PILIPINAS UPANG PAGDUKDUKDONGIN ANG BAWAT ISLA NG PIlipinas…..para hindi mawala ang bawat isla natin.kasi isangnislanay ipinag hili ni benigno aquino sa malaysia…..ngayon naman si pnoy abno ipinagili ang panatang iland…..dapat bitayin na silang mga kultong dilawan…salot sila sa ating bansa…..


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