De Lima Doing A Binay


By Cristobal

Refusing to attend Congressional investigations.

Touring around the country and discussing innocence.

Going on the offense instead of tackling the issues being hurled.

Making emotional appeals to the public to cover up corruption.

Sounds familiar?

This is the predicament of Senator Leila de Lima now as she is at the receiving end of the alleged involvement in illegal drugs.

The embattled Senator is now going around campuses talking against President Duterte and calling him a male chauvnist without even discussing the fact that one of those who she admitted having a “very close” relationship with, was married.

I don’t understand how one woman can call the President a pig but at the same time enjoyed an affair and now, evidence have been coming out that the driver had not one, but two luxurious houses.

It’s disappointing that an all girls schools are falling into the “De Lima, please sympathize with me” drama and not explaining to their students that having illicit affairs and using power to lure in sexual favors are wrong.

The Binay playbook is all too similar to the De Lima forum shopping tactic. Instead of explaining the circumstances of the accusations against her, she has been viciously attacking the President including Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, Senator Richard Gordon, and Senator Alan Cayetano.

She had her opportunity to attend the House probe and she could have even cursed each congressman and used that stage to vehemently deny all issues. She missed that chance and she’s lucky that House leaders have refused to file cases against her.

Does she believe that the best defense is the best offense? Probably.

Maybe this is why she keeps talking and making noise. The effect though is the President’s approval ratings, trust ratings, and optimism are increasing while the public is awaiting for her to go to jail soon.


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