Going In The Right Business Direction


By Cristobal

If there is one thing that is certain with President Rodrigo Duterte’s State Visit to China, it’s that the Philippine is going in the right direction and big business tycoons are bullish about the the Chief Executive’s pivot to our neighbor in the East.

In fact, the Presidential plane was so full that it couldn’t accommodate more people who wanted to join Duterte’s business entourage. Among those who were able to make it according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer included Ramon S. Ang of the San Miguel group, Manuel V. Pangilinan of Metro Pacific and PLDT Inc., Lucio Tan and son Michael Tan of the Lucio Tan group, Hans Sy of the SM group, Carlos Chan of the Oishi group, Alfredo Yao of the Zest-O group and Henry Lim Bon Liong of the Sterling Group of companies.

Amazing isn’t it? The President has made it clear that we are trekking the Silk Road and his pronouncements last night solidifies our independent foreign policy shift.


Just imagine that it was only months ago when the country would have experienced it’s first international war since World War II due to the foolishness and stubbornness of former President Benigno Aquino III to talk to China.

Take note that we haven’t given up our claims yet on Scarborough, it’s just that the President would rather seek a superpower who treats us as a partner rather than a pet. Our former colonizer has grown to see us fail and they would allow us to remain this way so we can be dependent on them.

The United States gives us aid but they also ask for military bases. They sell us junkyard equipment so we can think that we owe them a debt of gratitude or utang na loob.

The country has scored $13.5 Billion in investments from China. An amount that will be useful to provide jobs and create opportunities for a lot of Filipinos especially in the countryside.

This is money without the nagging or what we Filipinos call “sumbat”.

The Philippine peso is rising and hot money is departing from the markets. We have a clear policy now and let’s expect that prosperity, like the profound change that was promised to us, is finally coming.


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