Open Letters to PNP’s General Bato and Renato Reyes of Bayan


What in Duterte’s name happened in the US Embassy yesterday?

Dear General Bato,

You know that I, like most of the Filipino people love and support you with all our hearts. However, we have to call out your police for the US Embassy violent dispersal. They were terrible. Para silang tumira ng Katol, General! Nakakaloka!!!

I am watching the press conference in Crame and I should say ang iyong Matapang Na Solusyon at Mabilis Na Aksyon on the matter is commendable. Slow clap.👏👏👏

We thank you for relieving all those involved in the US Embassy violent dispersal and for putting all of them under investigation. We pray that you will allow justice be done.

But please allow me to voice out my sentiments in yesterday’s incident.

As a Filipino who fully support the police, I was deeply shocked and profoundly vexed by the action of the police officer who rammed the police mobile against the protesters not once, not twice, but several times! And my blood boiled when I saw the police pull out the jeepney driver of the militants from his jeep and kicked him and hit him with their truncheons. Thank God some police officers decided to bring him to the hospital!

What in Duterte’s name were the police thinking?

Such action of running over protesters is inexcusable because it was designed to hurt or even kill. Several people got injured. I am glad investigations are being conducted. Heads should roll.

Moreover, the mauling of the jeepney driver is unjustifiable. He was just earning a living by ferrying the protesters to the embassy. That was on all counts police brutality! I am enraged!

It is also worth noting that this incident would have been avoided if the anti-riot police have been properly equipped. Although they had shields and truncheons, they had no helmets, no body pads, and no gas masks. They were also clearly outnumbered. Whoever the ground commander was should be held accountable for not being prepared.

To my mind, this is a simple rally, no different from rallies of militants before. Why was the police unable to contain it?

They would have been able to exercise maximum tolerance if they were properly equipped since they will have enough protection against the attacks of the militants. It is human nature to find it difficult to be patient with provocative rallyists when one is already getting hurt.

The crowd could have been easily dispersed if the anti-riot used tear gas. Unfortunately, they did not use it or did not use enough. Apparently, if tear gas were utilized, the police will also be under duress themselves in the process because they had no gas masks. Nakakaloka General, di ba?

As a DDS, we do not expect this kind of sloppy law enforcement from our police force.

While we understand that the rallyists were unruly and were provoking the police, we expect the police to take the higher ground and not to give in to the agitation ploy of the militants.

General Bato, we call on you to make the investigations fast, credible, and transparent to serve as a lesson to police officers.

We hope this incident does not undermine the present gains of the police under your leadership.

While we continually support our police, we also eagerly await a credible action and acceptable result on this matter.

Thank you and enjoy China!




Dear Nato Reyes,

I saw you in the footage of ABS-CBN speaking before a band of militant rallyists in front of the US Embassy yesterday.

I deeply sympathize with all your wounded. I pray for their speedy recovery.

I assume that you know them and they are affiliated with Bayan. Hence, as Secretary General of Bayan, you have control over the actuations of your people.

We have fought side by side and shoulder to shoulder several times before. We may not agree on several issues but I will always respect your political beliefs and admire your resilience. Sorry Nato but your group is partly to blame for the violence in Roxas Boulevard yesterday.

There is no question about your cause, you want to stop the Filipino-American military exercises. You also want the US military intervention to stop. Many Filipinos want them to stop too. But the manner of the delivery of your message is foul. Why did you take out your anger on the police who are also Filipinos? They were just doing their job! What in Duterte’s name were you thinking?

Your rally was everything but peaceful. Your group was agitating and taunting the police. Namimikon kayo para saktan nila kayo. Kumita na yan, comrade!

The militants clearly broke the police line. Your people were destroying police property. Your rallyists were throwing red paint everywhere. The rallyists even stole the fire hose from the fire trucks. For what, Nato? For what? For fellow Filipinos to go against fellow Filipinos?

It is time for Bayan and its affiliates to change its strategy. The government is not your enemy. The President is your strongest ally in your advocacy. Don’t treat him and his men as if they are the enemy. Know your enemy.

Now is the time for Bayan and its affiliates to stop the hate against fellow Filipinos particularly the police. You know they are used as pawns in this war.

We are all brothers and sisters in the same struggle. Do not get stuck in your outdated Arroyo and Aquino government strategy. Duterte is nothing like Aquino nor Arroyo.

Comrade, si Digong na ang Presidente. Umayos kayo. Be a partner for change and not an obstructionist. Magkakasama tayo; hindi magkakaaway.

Mag-isip, comrade. Ibang panahon na ito.

Maria Makiling


2 thoughts on “Open Letters to PNP’s General Bato and Renato Reyes of Bayan”

  1. It’s about time na magkaroon ng BATAS tungkol sa pag-ra-rally para maging responsable ang mga taong namumuno, kasapi, bayaran at mga under-age at mag-palista bawat miyembro para madaling mapanagot at kasuhan kung mag-malabis. Walang RALLY kung hindi susunod sa BAGONG BATAS! Para malaman ang mga GRUPONG sa likod ng mga pag-ra-rally at kasuhan ng KORAPSYON ang mga nag-babayad na mga NEGOSYANTE, POLITICIANS dahil ang PAG-RA-RALLY ay simbulo ng TAOS-PUSONG paghahayag ng DISPLEASURE o HINDI PAG-SANG-AYON sa gobyerno. Hindi ang mga TAONG BAYARAN, POLITIKONG MAPANIRA at mga REBELYONG grupo ang nagpapatakbo nito para sirain ang gobyerno.


  2. Kasuhan ang bumuo ng ilegal na rally. May dalawang nahuli pang menor-de-edad. Itinaya ng mga leader ang buhay ng mga taong ginamit sa pagrarally. Ikulong itong is Renato Reyes. Ilegal ang pag-rarally at alam nila na hindi sila dapat lumampas sa intinalagang linya at lugar. Pinagbibintangan mo pa ang pulis na hindi na-contain ang mga nag-ra-rally. Dapat sila ang sumunod sa batas at sa mga taong nag-le-lead sa kanila. Kung anuman ang ipinakitang karahasan ay susuklian lamang ng karahasan kung ang buhay ng kapulisan ay nanganganib.


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