BPOs and Call Center Companies Should Calm Down



By Cristobal

There is a propaganda war being waged by Liberal Party and Yellow Supporters among the hardworking employees in the Business Process Outsourcing industry.

For weeks now, they have been seeding wrong information and fake websites to sow fear among the millions of honest BPO workers and put President Duterte in a negative light.

What is disturbing is that these insinuations have reached the owners of these companies and sought an audience with President Duterte. It is fair since business will be affected and because they have been maliciously misled by the Yellow propagandists online.

 The outpouring of disgust of the Chief Executive was revealed to be from a past experience where the US whisked away a suspected terrorist in Davao City to avoid prosecution. This terrorist allegedly planned a series of bombings so that the Philippines would be forced to sign off on a Military Bases agreement. A superficial crisis that would pave the way for the entry of US Forces. I want to expound on this but would be write it later on in a separate blog.

 Going back , the Duterte administration has sound and strong economic plicies and despite appearing to have an anti-US rhetoric, he knows that the BPO industry is an untouchable sector because it provides jobs and livelihood.


 On the contrary, the BPOs will continuously expand and grow. There is a study that an increase in demand for office spaces and locations are now being explored outside Metro Manila where operational costs are lower.

 An estimated 1.95 million square meters are needed in the next six years, according the the same study. There is also a projected 2.6 million jobs that will be available that will be established in provinces like Cagayan, Dagupan, Malolos, Meycauayan, Batangas, Kalibo, Tacloban, and Tagbilaran.

 These were areas recommended by property consultants due to a healthy labor pool, strong local government support, prospects of fiber connectivity, accessibility, and a potential for tourism.

 For the full story, you can read (http://www.manilatimes.net/demand-provincial-bpo-space-seen-rising-6-yrs/290997/)

 This is a good development since jobs would not be confined here in Metro Manila. Despite the lies being spread around LP Yellow pages, the Philippines will remain as the BPO Capital of the World.

 Why? Because we are highly educated and one of the best English Speaking countries in the world. This is to top the professional and highly skilled service that a Pinoy could offer. We are the third largest English-speaking country and first in Asia.

 The government will continue to provide incentives in doing business here and nothing will change that. They will still enjoy capital-relation, operation-related, and taxation-related benefits.

 So to our dear BPO workers and the American owners, President Duterte will continue to support you and avoid listening to the groups (which we will expose in succeeding posts).

 You are welcome and the normal hospitality and warmth that Pinoys offer will forever remain.

 By the way, thank you for employing and choosing our countrymen to serve you.


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