Bitter and Malicious Goldberg


By Maria Makiling

In the interview of Karen Davila in Headstart with outgoing notorious US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg, he maliciously revealed that he was not surprised by the US $24 billion worth of deals from China since as early as June, Senator Cayetano and Transportation Secretary Tugade made an “unpublicized” trip to China.

We do not know what this statement was for. Was it because he was envious because the Philippines has a new found generous friend? Or is it because he wants to belittle the efforts of President Duterte? Possible too that he is just acting like a scorned lover. But one thing is for sure, that statement was intentional, calculated, and meant to sow intrigue.

Mr. Ambassador, what is so wrong with that trip? Is there a travel ban to China?  Is every travel to China supposed to be publicized?  Are we supposed to ask for your permission that a Senator and an incoming Secretary is going to China? Senator Trillanes made several undisclosed trips to China during the Aquino administration and did you say anything?

Mr. Goldberg, we have a mouthful of things to tell you: The Philippines is a sovereign State. You have no business spying on our government affairs moreover our government officials. You cannot control us. You can no longer dictate on us. We are no longer your colony. We are not accountable to you and your imperialist nation.

Finally, Mr. Goldberg, please leave. Please leave in haste. You are no longer welcome here and we do not need you here. Anyone who cannot respect our sovereignty has no place in our islands. Anyone who treats us as vassals is an enemy of this nation. Leave and stop sowing intrigues. And as you leave, remember this: we are proud Filipinos with a proud President who have decided to no longer be your lapdog and has exercised its right to self-determination and decided to be no longer your slave!


One thought on “Bitter and Malicious Goldberg”

  1. As you think us in the same way before you must be carefull with that ..mind your own country theres a lot of people out ther need your rotten mouth!


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