US Rifle Issue Reeks With Hypocrisy


It is not the end of the world. The United States stopped the sale of some 26,000 rifles to the Philippine National Police after a US senator opposed the deal according to news reports.

The American senator is concerned over the alleged violation of human rights due to the current war on drugs. So here are a few questions to this US lawmaker: What is the basis of your claim? Is there a conclusion to the investigation proving these human rights violations? It’s seems like the US has based its decision solely on speculations and feeds from the Yellow PR group owned by a famous liberal party supporter which we will mention soon.

Traditionally, especially for the likes of Jim Paredes and Leah Navarro, this spells the end for anything civilized because well they worship the Stars and Stripes flag right?

However, the country and the government should see this as a window of opportunity to grow, build new relations and a chance to seek assistance from other nations. It should come to our attention that the US is not our one and only savior, so why are we allowing them to constantly dictate and manipulate us?

If the US is indeed our ally, why would a deal—that has completed the bidding process —be suddenly halted by mere allegations with no concrete proof? If that’s how the US treats their friends, then they are no different than what they claim China and Russia to be.

Speaking of Russia and China. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medbedev and Russian Ambassador Igor Khovaev both expressed their willingness to help the Philippine government in any way possible. They are open to sit down and discuss possible cooperation in any field. Even the PNP Chief says we can ask China for assistance as an alternative small-arms provider for the meantime.

The US is not the only option. We have been so dependent on them that we haven’t even entertained the fact that the US is just one among several countries that sell high quality arms for a cheaper price. If that’s the case, the government can generate savings and allocate the funds to other projects and programs which, in turn, will benefit more Filipinos.

If in the end we do acquire our rifles from a country other than the US, it should serve as a wake up call for us. Senator Ping Lacson says this gives us more reason to revive the self-reliance program of the Department of National Defense. Imagine a Philippines which is independent of international military support,  a country which can produce its own high-quality arms and ammunition.

A strong military and police force that has veracity and high-morale is the goal of our President. Maybe this is the push we need to become a unified nation and free from our shackles from our colonizers and to stand as one!

We will support President Duterte! We have had enough and we will back our elected leaders even if it means cutting ties with the US—a pretentious, self-serving nation disguised as an ally.

One thought on “US Rifle Issue Reeks With Hypocrisy”

  1. even the blind can see their color! Well, this is a window of opportunity for the Filipinos to shine and prosper independent from usa! Let us manufacture our rifles etc…


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