TRUE COLORS: American girl Grace Poe Lectures Duterte on Human Rights


By: Maria Makiling

Basic question: Why can’t presidential loser Senator Grace Poe just keep her American mouth shut whenever the US is involved?

Simple answer: She is just showing her true colors and her loyalty to the star spangled banner. Amerikana lang talaga. Uy, Agot, isa pa tong si Grace na takot magutom! May kasama ka na, teh!

This American girl lecture came after the United States’ “allegedly” halted its sale of assault rifles to the Philippines, citing human rights concerns in President Duterte’s so-called war on drugs, which has allegedly resulted in over 3,000 dead in four months.

When asked to comment, American girl Poe said the United States has long maintained a policy “to take into consideration human rights concerns with whatever assistance it extends to a country,” including weapons.

In her interview with Inquirer yesterday, she said:

“It would do well for the interest of the Philippines and its citizens around the globe to maintain our country’s good standing with respect to our relations with other countries, including the European Union too, by upholding human rights in the effort to combat illegal drugs.”

“Human rights and the anti-drug efforts need not be mutually exclusive,” American girl Poe added.

After this comment, we just lighted a dozen candles in Baclaran to thank God that this American girl lost in the last elections. Lord, thank you, you have saved this country from another American lapdog.

Madam Grace, if you are that afraid of the US and EU, you should have just stayed in the US.  You belong to the brand of American hypocrisy they espouse. Seriously.

And since you took upon yourself to lecture on human rights, let us give you some basics of human rights too.

Madam American girl Grace, human rights is not limited to the right to life of drug addicts and drug pushers. If you were to equate it with that, then you are bastardizing the whole concept.

All human rights are universal, indivisible, interrelated, inalienable, and interdependent. Hence, you cannot separate the issue of the vigilante killings to how the Duterte government protected the right to life, right to food, and right to work of the Filipino fisherfolks in Scarborough shoals. Tatay Digong fixed that for them.

You also cannot separate the issue of human rights on the right to peace and right to life of Filipinos when the Duterte government reopened peace talks with the CPP/NPA/NDF, the talks with MNLF and Nur Misuari and the revival of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in Mindanao. If that’s not upholding and promoting human rights, we don’t know what is.

How about ending contractualization and the right to work? How about free irrigation and the rights of farmers? How about genuine land reform? Aren’t those human rights issues that the Duterte administration promotes?

And how about the #BuildBuildBuild flag ship program of the Duterte administration, isn’t that the promotion of the right to development?

Madam American girl Grace, there is no State policy to kill drug addicts and pushers. The policy is to end the drug pandemic because drugs kill the user and those who survive mostly become thugs and criminals.

People die in the drug war because either they resist arrest or the pushers kill each other for supremacy. We don’t know what you are thinking but drug surrenderees numbering to less than 800,000 should be an indicator that the drug problem is of a national emergency proportions already.

Drug trafficking has to stop because the basic rights of the victims of rape, robbery, murder, homicide, and everyday harassment of innocent victims of drug victims are being violated if government does not do

anything drastic to stop it. If the present campaign is not right to you, what is your alternative? What is your better way, Madam?

Moreover, American girl Grace, if you read enough, the US is the last country that should lecture us on human rights since they are the #1 human rights violator. Let them account for Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria. How do they treat their blacks and people of color in their country? Aren’t they human rights violators too? For them to use the human rights rhetoric on us is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Finally, any intelligent human being would know that this alleged rifle debacle has nothing to do with human rights. It’s the US hiding behind the human rights rhetoric (as they always do) to punish us for our China and ASEAN pivot. Anyone who follows the news should know this.

So American girl Grace, last piece of advise: maybe you should distance yourself with your other former running mate Senator Antonio “Boy Kudeta” Trillanes.

Why? You are starting to sound like him. Be careful, treason and stupidity can be passed on by osmosis. Char.


2 thoughts on “TRUE COLORS: American girl Grace Poe Lectures Duterte on Human Rights”

  1. Pasasaan pa at ang mga humahalik sa puwet ng Amerika ay habang buhay na nakadikit ang mga nguso at ‘di na maaalis kahit mapatakan ng sandamukal na dumi sa mukha. Naturingan ang mga Pilipino sa pag-gamit ng tabo at ng kamay upang hugasan ang sariling puwet ngunit hindi ito tumatatak sa mga Pilipinong bihasa sa paggamit ng ’tissue’. Hanggang kailan magiging taga hugas ng puwet ng Amerika ang mga nauutong Pilipino? Ikaw Juan? Kaya mo na bang hugasan ang sarili mong puwet?


  2. Isa lang sasabihin ko and in bold letters: ANG MGA DRONES NILA KILLING A LOT OF CIVILIANS ARE NOT HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION???? Tell me because am sick and disgusted with all the hypocrisies of America! They are the worst human rights violators and should be tried for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! And to Poe..KISS THEIR ASSES!


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