BUILD BUILD BUILD. Our ticket to a better Philippines


At long last, there is a concrete plan to revive big ticket infrastructure projects which have obviously been neglected by the last administration.

The yellows who promised inclusive growth to his “bosses” but instead left us with poor infrastructure, Carmageddon and a broken railway system—and that’s only the top of the list, my friends.

Thankfully, the change we need is here.  President Duterte, along with his hard-working cabinet members has come to save the Philippines. By now, most of you believe that Duterte is truly a man of action and we can most definitely expect that in the next five years. The current administration has just announced its line-up of infrastructure projects from railways to airports and down to bus rapid transit systems to get rid of traffic in Metro Manila. This will be done through the close coordination of key infrastructure agencies to ensure that each project being executed will benefit the nation.

JICA earlier released a study proposing different infrastructure projects which, in turn, will help decongest Metro Manila. The study pointed out Clark as an emerging market and that it should be utilized to its full potential. Clark International Airport can accommodate up to five million passengers annually, however, it is underutilized because there is a gap in terms of accessibility and transportation. Part of Duterte’s infrastructure plan is to fill this gap by constructing the Manila-Clark Railway. This will guarantee passengers only an hour travel from Metro Manila to Clark International Airport and according to BCDA President Vince Dizon, it will eliminate some 3.5 million cars traveling from EDSA to NAIA. Clark International Airport is also targeted to become an alternative gateway to reduce air traffic in NAIA. Apart from building a railway and an airport, BCDA will also develop ‘Clark Green City’—a first of many cities that is smart, green and disaster-resilient. FINALLY, someone realized Clark’s big potential!

For the longest time, Manila has been the center of progress and has left other cities and provinces behind. Luckily we now have a President who not only cares about Manila, but the country as a whole. Duterte’s masterplan includes the development of RoRo ports, which makes a lot of sense since we are and archipelagic country. Plus, it will give more Filipinos access to a cheaper mode of travel from one island to another. Regional airports will also get makeovers and soon, Mindanao will be able to experience having a railway of their own! Now that’s what I call inclusive growth!

IT’S ALL ABOUT POLITICAL WILL. The will to provide Filipinos with better infrastructure. The will to ensure safe, efficient and affordable transportation to all. The will to build a better home for us. The will to bring back pride to all Filipinos!

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