Drug Lords and Their Protectors Behind The Espinosa Killing


Like all concerned netizens out there, we also want answers to the controversial killing of Abuelta, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa. Of course, media outlets easily concluded it as a shootout (based on initial reports which, by the way, are still vague up to this point). While others assumed it is another EJK case. But what If there’s another angle to the story? We’re so busy looking at the bigger picture when maybe there are details we missed along the way. Perhaps a twist to the plot that will take us all by surprise in the end.

What happened in the first place? Operatives from the CIDG Region 8 were serving a search warrant to Espinosa when Espinosa allegedly fired at the cops, thus, ending in a shootout. Let me remind you that it was Espinosa who surrendered to authorities and has been willingly cooperating with police since then.

Just when a photo of his sworn affidavit—implicating alleged drug lord protectors such as Sen. Leila de Lima—is circulating.. BOOM! He gets involved in a “shootout” in the wee hours of the morning while an arrest warrant is being served. Coincidence? Sounds like a rubout from drug lords, don’t you think?

It also seems like those who are “in-the-know” of the ins-and-outs of the drug trade are being eliminated one by one. Let’s be thankful for sworn affidavits then.

Was it also coincidental that Espinosa was detained in Baybay, Leyte—not in Abuelta—and that the warrant was issued in an RTC in Basey, Samar? I think it has yellow written all over it. Yellows dominate both Leyte and Samar, so you tell me there’s nothing more to this story?

And here comes the CHR announcing their independent investigation in the killing of Espinosa. At least we have one constant thing here—the pretentious CHR fighting for the rights of criminals. That’s probably the only thing they are good at doing. Because when these drug addicts robbed and killed poor and middle class workers and took away the innocence of young girls by raping them, the CHR’s door was always closed. Too busy protecting criminals, eh? So, CHR, it’s best to just sit this one out because we don’t need another protector of evil. We need someone who is willing to protect the Filipino people and that is not the drug lords, not the traitors who pretend to be our friends but a person who is ready to fight all demons just to give the country its pride and glory. That is President Duterte!

One thought on “Drug Lords and Their Protectors Behind The Espinosa Killing”

  1. Absolutely agree with the story line . He was rubbed out by the People too afraid of being mentioned and to stop any more information . Unfortunately Corruption is so deeply ingrained in the Country and in Politics I fear that the President wont have enough time to completely solve this Problem . At least half of the Politicians are corrupt and prepared to fight for what they now regard a right to them . Sad but true ,and the Philippines is not alone in this and its proven too hard for other countries too . We live in a world where the poor get poorer and the rich don’t do enough to even up the Game .


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