#NEVERFORGET Yolanda Victims


By Tala

Statement of VP Leni Robredo with caption: “To bury Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani would keep the wounds of the past unhealed.”

Last November 8, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of burying the late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. As expected, it has become the most controversial SC ruling. It triggered the yellow army to protest in the streets crying for justice, and now, they have another platform for a demolition job.

She says the nation’s healing begins with the acknowledgement of the truth and the resolution of the past. While the VP is sympathizing with the victims of Martial Law, one can’t help but think it is more self-serving given the fact that she is a member of the Liberal Party and their strongest bet to go against anything and everything the Duterte administration does.

Let me ask you, VP, how do you sympathize with Yolanda victims? Did you and your friends President Aquino and Secretary Mar Roxas acknowledge the fact that it has been three years since the typhoon ravaged the country and yet, there are a significant number of families still living in temporary shelters. THREE YEARS with BILLIONS of pesos given in aid and all the Aquino administration has done is to provide houses in poor condition—most are not even finished yet.

What did President Aquino and Secretary Mar Roxas do to help them??


Were you not there in Tacloban for the Yolanda commemoration?

It is so obvious you’re putting too much focus on the Marcos burial to divert attention from the Yolanda victims who are still fighting for survival!

You ought to be ashamed of yourself, VP Robredo. All you and your yellow party does is to politicize issues.  Maybe you should think about the morals and values you truly believe in then you’ll see that you’ve been building relationships with the wrong people.

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