Frailties of a Woman and the De Lima Spin


by Maria Makiling

Leila De Lima is now singing a new tune. She has recently admitted that she had an affair with her driver/bodyguard Ronnie Dayan.

She also confessed that she helped him financially. My initial reaction: utang na loob, bigyan ng jacket yan!

She insists that the affair is personal. No, it isn’t. Leila, if you are a public figure and a high ranking public official, everything is political, nothing is personal.

The personal has become political because Ronnie Dayan is alleged to be her middleman, bagman, and influence peddler. It is political because Ronnie Dayan is accused of being the collector of De Lima’s drug bribe money. Ronnie Dayan is also the missing link to De Lima’s connection to narco politics.

Ronnie Dayan, the driver/bodyguard turned lover and paramour wielded so much influence in the DOJ because she needed a man in spite of Dayan still being married/

A lot of feminists and human rights advocates are taking the cudgels for De Lima because she is purportedly being attacked by no less than the President for being a woman. Hence, they launched their most awkward and ironic campaign of #everywoman.

Now, all of you self-righteous pontificating advocates, sisigaw pa rin ba kayo ng every woman? Is De Lima still a representation of every woman? So okay lang maging kabit? Okay lang maging home wrecker? Okay lang to have an affair with your staff?

Ano VP Leni, Senator Risa Hontiveros, every woman pa rin ba ang peg ni De Lima kahit na siya ngayon ang aagaw sa trono ng paramour ni Senator Enrile na si Gigi Reyes bilang pambansang mistress?

The affair of De Lima and Ronnie Dayan is not just an issue of sex. It’s an issue of power. Abuse of power by De Lima. Seriously, do you think Dayan will be involved with her if she is not employing him? Would he be sleeping with her if she is not that powerful? She was after all the Secretary of Justice at that time. De Lima used her power and influence to keep and maintain her affair with Dayan.

And what about her other men? How about convict Jaybee Sebastian? How about Warren Cristobal, her MMDA motorcycle rider lover boy? How about Joenel “sweetie” Sanchez of the Presidential Security Group who she was allegedly bedding too. Aren’t these men sexually linked to her by the nature of her position in government?  De Lima clearly exercised moral ascendancy over all of them. This is clearly a case of corruption!

If De Lima happened to be a man, wouldn’t all these feminists be screaming sexual harassment?

I don’t know why De Lima has changed her tune. But she insists that her record is unblemished in spite of and despite of her affair. Madam, your mere admission already blemished your record just in case you don’t realize it.

To my mind, she will use the gender card again on Dayan when other evidence comes out as to the bribe money entering the bank accounts of his relatives. It seems she will use her trust of Dayan as a reason to be blinded by his illegal activities and tell the public that she had no knowledge of it.

My take: too late for the spin and the spin miserably ignores the fact that she is a seasoned lawyer and Secretary of Justice.

No one believes that you can be fooled that way. No one believes you have been taken for a ride. Why? Because Dayan’s activities by the nature of your intimate relationship with him infers that all that he has been doing is known to you or you ought to have known. At the least, that is acquiescence.

Madam Leila, you are not the victim here. You are the predator who just ran out of excuses.

Frailties of a woman? No. In De Lima’s case, it is the plotting gone wrong of a cornered woman.


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