Plan B: The Yellow Power Grab By Capitalizing on the Marcos Burial


Saan nahuhuli ang isda? Sa bibig.

A few hours right after the burial of the late Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB), Senator Bam Aquino was quick to shift the blame to President Duterte. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Sharon Cuneta also known as Senator Kiko Pangilinan was calling for a series of noise barrages and protest actions in the succeeding days.

If history serves us right, this is exactly the same formula that the yellow army used in gathering critical mass in launching Edsa 1 and 2. Obviously, with their time tested formula, the yellows are using the Marcos burial as a springboard for an Oust Duterte movement.

BamBam Aquino and Mr. Sharon Cuneta are clear in their motives. They want to oust the sitting President of the Republic and replace him with a love struck Lugaw Queen also known as Leni Robredo. Leni is the only cabinet member by the way who did not submit an accomplishment report in the 1st 100 days of the President. Hence, no accomplishment. Why? She is busy dating at Casa Roces (the restaurant beside Malacanang) after every cabinet meeting.

It’s an open secret that the widow of Jesse Robredo has a very special friend with a monicker  “banal na boylet” who patiently waits for her after every cabinet meeting. Indeed, the “frailties of a woman” narrative runs very deep in the Liberal Party.  Leila, hindi ka nag-iisa!

Will the yellows succeed? Hell, no! Their mass action in the People Power Monument at the height of the supposed outrage only yielded at best 3,000 rallyists. To make things worse, the participants are mostly millennials from Ateneo and La Salle who are poster boys and girls of the “sosyal network”. Hence, when it started drizzling, they dispersed and opened all their umbrellas. Mind you, that’s just a drizzle. I wonder how this crowd will hold up to water cannons.

There is another call now for a mass protest action on November 25. If they are targeting the same crowd, we suggest to them to make it “bring your yaya day” so that their numbers will increase. We don’t know how they can increase their numbers a week after the burial since failing to get at least 100,000 warm bodies in the first twelve hours after LNMB is an indicator of the lack of interest to protest of many Filipinos.

But the biggest obstacle of all to the Oust Duterte movement is none other than the DDS. Have they seen all the Duterte pages? Have they seen what the DDS is now warning them?

Unlike in Edsa 1 that there was a genuine critical mass because of 20 years of oppression and Edsa 2 when the 2nd envelope triggered outrage, more Filipinos favor the burial of Marcos in LNMB. In the 2011 survey alone by StratPOLLS, 71.6% of Filipinos in NCR are not opposed to it.

And where in Metro Manila can they get their rallyists when Metro Manila is everything but yellow? In the last 2016 elections alone, Bongbong Marcos won in all cities in Metro Manila except in Taguig. Metro Manila hates the yellows. To the core!

Hence, unless these yellowtards are ready for a real revolution, they should shelve their Oust Digong movement. Why? Because the DDS, 16 million of us and rising are ready for a civil war to fight for Tatay Digong’s mandate.

So to BamBam, Mr. Sharon Cuneta and the Liberal minions, unless you are willing to lose your lives in the process, just don’t. We are not joking when we threaten you with war.

And we are not joking too when we tell you that once you start an all out Oust Duterte call, ililibing namin kayo sa Libingan ni Marcos sa LNMB. And yes, yellowtards, seryoso kami. Consider this your final warning. So if you love your life, just back off and move on.


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