ESQUIRE: Mocha Uson as the Pretty Hate Machine


by Maria Makiling

In the ultra elitist magazine Esquire’s December issue of Heroes and Villains, Mocha is portrayed as the villain. For heroes, you have the likes of the non-performing cabinet member and alleged Vice President Leni Robredo; the mistress of Ronnie Dayan and alleged protector of drug lords Leila De Lima; and the plotting Chito Gascon. How convenient! How more fair can you get? I was sarcastic of course.

The article on Mocha Uson juxtaposed with the other articles written about Esquire’s heroes shows her as the purveyor of hate even tagging her as the “pretty hate machine”.  She is also portrayed as the high priestess of the DDS and the DDS is shown to have cult-like following and will do anything to protect Mocha. Perhaps, the only thing that Esquire got right was that Mocha is pretty but hate machine? Give us a break! Who started the hate anyway?

Ever since Duterte decided to run, the intellectual, business, political, and religious elite ganged up on Duterte and his supporters. They branded Duterte as a mass murderer and immoral and they started name calling the DDS as Dutertards, Trolls, Bots, bobo, bayaran, stupid, blind followers, and now hate machines.

The DDS are being accused of spreading fake news by this self-entitled and self-righteous elitists who pretend to be vanguards of decency and guardians of morality. Excuse me, please check the news of Inquirer, Rappler, ABS-CBN, and GMA. Sino kaya ang nagkakalat ng misquotes and inangguluhang news? Pwe!

For the record: The DDS did not start the hate;  the elite and “conyo” crowd did. They (the elites) hate Duterte, Mocha, DDS and everything they represent so much because they fear these “outsiders” can strip them of their place in the sun. They can’t believe that many of the masses who have bad grammar or who do not speak “conyo” talk can dominate the internet. Hence, you have the likes of Maria Ressa desperate to take back the internet as if it ever belonged to her. And then there is Bam Aquino wasting taxpayer’s money on Senate hearings about trolls. Only in the Philippines! Kaloka!

Hate for Duterte, Mocha, and the DDS come from a segment of society whose hypocrisy has been revealed. The yellow elites and oligarchs cannot believe that the outliers of society just slapped their faces with the ugly truth that they are no longer wanted by many Filipinos.

The double talk of the “disente” crowd was revealed and made people realize that their old tactics of fooling the poor and marginalized will no longer work. The yellow army’s drama, trapo, pretentious, and “disente” politics have been replaced with raw, authentic, and no nonsense leadership.

The likes of Esquire hate Duterte, Mocha, and the DDS because they continually to be in denial that a lowly, crass, provincial city mayor can become president; a former sex icon can be an influencer and political activist; and an ordinary Filipino who calls oneself a DDS can actually dominate the internet. Hatred was started by them. And that is how the Esquire people and everyone they represent think. What they cannot understand, they hate. What they cannot possess, they brand as villain. What they cannot defeat is evil.

So how do we solve a problem like Esquire? Simple. Their magazine should get the rightful attention it deserves. It is highly recommended that it can be used either as “pambalot ng tinapa” or better yet, as toilet paper. Its recommended use speaks for the quality of the paper itself.

To Esquire, bring it on. Hate machine? Villain? That’s the best you can think of? Oh don’t get us started. But for now, we will give you first the best use your paper is to us: toilet paper.


One thought on “ESQUIRE: Mocha Uson as the Pretty Hate Machine”

  1. Miss Mocha Uson ikaw ang aming living hero ng mga OFW, we are increasing in numbers,we are getting centralised soon, we are 100% behind your blog page, we are OFW Global Movement International, we are from almost every land on the earth, we are from almost every country on the earth that we are constantly crying out our voices, only OFW na nag support sa kay President Duterte ang sinabihan at pina sali namin sa movement na ito. At dahil sa movement na ito, tingnan ninyo ang mga international media ngayon, nag umpisa na sila na nag bigay ng magandang comments sa ating pangolong President Duterte, inuumpisahan na namin ang pag sira sa mga reputation at image ng mga bias na media dwiyan sa filipinas tulad sa ABias-CBN, INQUIRER at RAPLER, sinira namin sila dito sa dayuhan. Kahit mga kapit bahay namin dito sa Canada, USA, Europe, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Middle East, Asian Countries, sina sabi sabi na namin sa kanila na huwag silang maniwala sa ganyang klasi na media dahil sila ang mga media ng mga criminals at ng mga illegal drug dealers at mga corrupt government officials at ng mga rapist at pedophile na mga PARI at Obispo, at mga corrupt na mga drug protector na mga Police Officers na kick out sa servisyo diyan sa filipinas. Yes itong INQUIRER ay isang kapisanan ng mga media ng mga criminal sa filipinas. INQUIRER has now become the refuge of all kinds of criminals and underground na sindicato sa boong filipinas. INQUIRER now is fallen is fallen and has become the habitation of devils, and demons, and the hold of every foul spirits and the cage of every unclean and hateful birds and the refugee camp of all the abomination and detestable odors of the earth. You know why? Because INQUIRER has tried to make almost all filipino people to drink of the wine of the wrath of it’s poisoning vices of information. By it’s manipulative and slandering style of making headlines, INQUIRER is constantly dragging the filipino into poverty. Yung INQUIRER ang numero uno naming pa bagsakin at ikalawa yung ABiaS-CBN at RAPLER. Palagi na namin sina sabi sabi dito sa dayuhan kahit mga politicians namin dito sa dayuhan sina sabi sabihan na namin sila na yung tatlong media na yan ay mas ma sahol pa kay sa mga wild animals at mga demonyo, at ang mga taohan or employees nila ay mga traydor at nag shashabu bago mag gawa ng mga editorial ang evidensiya ay makikita ninyo talaga sa mga ginagawa nila na mga headlines. Yun ang dahilan na pinag mamalaki namin ang Mocha Uson Blog dahil si Mocha Uson ay may tunay na pag malasakit sa mga ordinaryong masang filipino. Mabuhay ang Filipino!!! Mabuhay si Mocha Uson!!! At Mabuhay ang OFW Global Movement International!!!!!


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