FIRING LENI: Getting Rid of the Weakest Link and Traitor in the Cabinet



by Maria Makiling

Leni Robredo just got fired. To save face, she says she is resigning effective December 5. Why? She was told by Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco to stop attending Cabinet meetings starting Monday. To cut away from the bullshit that she has been issuing in her statements the fact is she was constructively dismissed from service. Thank God she finally had the delicadeza and decided to get out of the way.

In the last few weeks, she has been yakking about the Marcos burial and attending all those rallies; been complaining about her low budget; and now saying there is an ouster plot against her to steal the position of the VP.

Nakakaloka na siya! Daming problema. Puro salita, wala namang ginagawa. Correction: She was busy doing something. She was busy posing for pictorials and being a cover of all these high end magazines. That’s her main contribution to those in the “laylayan” ng lipunan.

At the height of all her drama, someone else was quietly doing her job in Tacloban. The Office of the Presidential Adviser to the Visayas Mike Dino was working 24/7 to fix the relocation site of all those left homeless by typhoon Yolanda.

To date, in Tacloban alone, 600 families have already been relocated. Two relocation sites are already with water and power. Another site is on its way to have electricity and power. What the Aquino government failed to do in three long years, Dino was able to do in less than a month.

The main question is: what then is the Secretary of HUDCC doing? What has she done for Tacloban? Answer: None. She has been busy plotting with her Liberal Party in ousting a legitimately elected President. She can’t deny this because how can she explain her presence in the “Oust Duterte” rallies if she is not acquiescing to the ouster.

And what in God’s name is she saying that the Vice a Presidency will be stolen from her? How, Leni? Through the Presidential Electoral Tribunal? Why are you so afraid? Is it an admission you cheated in the 2016 May elections? If you won fair and square, no election protest should scare you.

No less than Senator Gordon has been telling her to resign because she is always contradicting the President. She is not a team player and she adds up to the divisions in society. Instead of working to build the country, she is allowing herself to be used to oust the President.

Clear battle lines have been drawn. Let’s call a spade a spade. Leni is an excess baggage in the Duterte administration and is one of those sowing intrigue and contributes to this government’s destabilization. She cannot be trusted. She plays “santa santita” but in truth is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Our DDS word to Leni: Don’t play victim because you are not. Don’t play the saintly role because everyone knows of your “frailties as a woman”.

Don’t pretend to be helpless and needing protection because you are scheming and vile. You deserve to be fired. Know your place. Don’t cross that line because we will be there waiting to make sure that you cannot pass.


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