The Real Story Is LP’s Plan To Steal The Presidency


By Cristobal

Loida Lewis-Nicolas and her yellow allies in Philippines have now launched their first salvo in the plan to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.

It was supposed to happen in January but because the President has an excellent foresight on the destabilization efforts, he pre-empted it and forced those behind the ouster to come out a month earlier.

So here’s the plan, Leni Robredo will be the figurehead of the opposition. Mainstream media led by Rappler and ABS-CBN will be the main outlets for the voice of the Liberal Party and get their propaganda out.

Don’t believe me? Here’s an example from ABS-CBN and their reporter Don Tagala ( This would have appeared as legitimate news but they have failed to mention especially in the headline that Nicolas Lewis was part of the Aquino administration and a leading figure in US Aid Programs here.  The article was made and intentionally shown as Lewis being a neutral “Fil-Am leader”.

Here’s another example this time from Rappler. The columnist is Philip Lustre ( He was the one who wrote about Duterte’s supposed cancer and got it wrong because it was the President’s wife who had it.

This is the kind of structure that Robredo and Lewis has and yet they want us to believe that they are not biased? Well fuck them and fuck their dirty destabilization efforts.

They are angry and worried that the main source of drug funds that Leila de Lima has been channeling to the Anti-Duterte groups are now restricted and possibly drying up. Their script however has been disrupted by the President and expect them to elevate their tactics.

Following the burial of former President Marcos, the Yellow troll pages like Silent No More, Mochang Tanga, Oras na Roxas na, Politikang Ina Mo, Madame Claudia, Superficial Gazette, etc the messaging was that “Duterte is not their President”.

Of course their followers would echo that and repeat it to themselves until they finally don’t recognize the leadership of the President. Following Leni’s resignation from the Cabinet, they would make rounds on different online forums and promote #ProtectLeni and #LeniismyVP.

Just today, they are now spreading the “The power resides in the people” stated in the constitution as a justification for a bigger call for people power. I believe this would be unsuccessful but it is now in their plates. Propaganda at its finest. Shit at its finest.

Next year, let us be wary because Noynoy Aquino’s allies will now talk to the military and ask them to consider an uprising. This would be led by the likes of Boy Kudeta. The Liberal Party Senators will also bang their drums and voice out their dissatisfaction and leave the supermajority to make it appear that the people are growing tired.

So what do we do now DDS? Let’s call out the LP senators and tell them that they don’t deserve to be in the so called supermajority in the Senate.

Let’s call on Senators Franklin Drilon, Bam Aquino, Leila de Lima-Dayan, Risa Hontiveros, Kiko Pangilinan-Cuneta, and Joel Villanueva to go to the minority  so we could expose their true colors now. Maybe we should also ask Senate President Koko Pimentel to join them since he is the one responsible for all the political fiasco in the Upper Chamber.

Let’s be vigilant DDS. Robredo’s fears of stealing the Vice Presidency (which doesn’t belong to her in the first place) is nothing to worry about.

The real threat is her and her destabilizers in the US and in Manila. If it’s time to go to the streets to express our support for our democratically elected President, let’s do it.

We are not afraid. We are DDS!




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