Leni vs Alan: The Power Grabber vs The DDS


By Maria Makiling

In spite of her denials that she is part of the Oust Duterte plot, Leni Robredo’s actions seem to speak louder than words. The once soft spoken human rights lawyer has transformed herself to a sophisticated glossy magazine model who had the temerity to challenge no less than Alan Cayetano to speak up against the Marcoses despite the latter’s firm support for Tatay Digong.

Leni was obviously trying to draw a wedge between the President and one of his most loyal allies by using the Marcos issue as a bait.

Quite unbecoming for someone who claims to be clueless about the plans for a power grab.

No less than her vice presidential campaigner Malou Tiquia found the gesture unbecoming. In Tiquia’s Friday FB post, she said:

“…I don’t share the politics of Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano but he is spot on in his reply to my candidate for the Vice Presidency in May 2016.

I wonder why she had to taunt some people.  Never thought it was in her character to do so…but then again, very few pols remain the same after winning…”

Cayetano, seeing the sinister motive of Leni answered the overly ambitious Robredo with a very scathing counter-challenge.

Cayetano challenged taunting Leni by pointing out how she herself remained quiet and did not speak up against several issues hounding her Liberal Party (LP) allies and the Aquino administration.

Cayetano particularly called on Robredo to scrutinize the past administration over its failure to suppress the country’s drug problem, which he said “got so bad and out of control.”

He also urged Robredo to demand her LP allies involved in the illegal drug trade to resign, to expose other LP personalities’ involvement in graft and corruption, and to help the government ensure that those who broke the law, regardless of their political color, be put in jail.

Quoting Alan: “Let me return the favor and also challenge you with the following… Ask for justice for the SAF 44. Ask for justice for tanim bala victims. Ask for an investigation and justice on MRT anomalies… Ask for an investigation why despite expensive fees in the airport in the past admin(istration), no CCTVs were purchased and installed.”

Cayetano also asked Robredo to allow the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) and other news outlets to look into her donors and undeclared expenses during her campaign for the vice presidency.

“You were quiet about all of the above, but I respected your role and decision,” Cayetano said in his post.

“There’s much more, but in a nutshell I challenge you to stop campaigning and thinking of the Presidency and help attract investments, build infrastructure, create jobs, and redistribute wealth in our country. Let’s do it together.”

Cayetano’s Friday FB post went viral. It is a virtual slap in the face to a “holier than thou” Robredo who is marketing herself as the voice and leader of the opposition.

So for the low down, Cayetano -1; Robredo-0.

Word of advice to the power grabbing Robredo: Be careful who you challenge and offend. Alan is not yet finished with you. He loves the President with all his heart and he will protect him at all costs.

And you know what, you might just forget about the presidency when Cayetano is finished with you because you will be more worried about your political survival more than your ambition.

Leni, remember GMA? Remember Abalos? Remember Binay? What’s the common denominator among all of them? They crossed Alan Cayetano. What happened to their political careers? Now you know. Good luck to you. Touch move.    


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