Mocha’s alleged Php 300,000 from Marcos


by Maria Makiling
Four Liberal Party pages known as staunch defenders of Leni Robredo namely Madam Claudia, Oras Na Roxas Na, Superficial Gazette and Silent No More are circulating a falsified cheque under the name of Margaux Uson (purportedly Mocha Uson’s real name) and allegedly signed by former Senator BongBong Marcos. This is to destroy the reputation of Mocha by showing she is a Marcos paid hack.

You know what, Madam Claudia, Oras Na Roxas Na and Silent No More, you are circulating a falsified cheque with a falsified signature. You are not only liable for libel but also for falsification of a private document. Ms. Uson and former Senator Marcos can sue you criminally and civilly. Ano, Mocha, huntingin natin ang admins at idemanda natin ng damages mga P 10 million each? Let’s go to the NBI, you want? What do you think?

But let us be clear why we are saying the cheque is fake. We can give at least seven (7) reasons:

1) BBM is not stupid. No politician issues cheques for political operations. That’s paper trail. All of them use cash.
2) Mocha can never encash that cheque because Margaux Uson is not her full name. Anybody who transacts in the bank knows you need your full name as reflected in a government issued ID to encash and deposit a cheque in a certain account.
3) Mocha campaigned for Duterte-Cayetano and not for BBM. Mocha has no connections with BBM save her interview with him.
4) The amount is too small or even an insult for an influencer like Mocha. Hindi man lang at least 1 million for attacking Leni?
5) Whether or not Mocha attacks Leni will not in any way affect the case of BBM against Leni in the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET). Mocha is not a member of PET. Hindi siya Supreme Court Justice.
6)This cheque issue comes at the heels of Mocha’s criticisms against Leni Robredo. This is perfect timing.
7) The stupidity behind this political operations stink very yellow. Dilawan lang ang ganito kahina ang utak at ganito kapalpak gumawa ng kwento.

What do we learn from all of this? The yellows are desperate to kill the negative publicity against Leni. These hypocrites are trying to silence Mocha or any legitimate dissenter by inventing stories to destroy her and her credibility. That’s how vile the yellows are.

At the end of the day, we at DDS News continue to stand with Mocha Uson. We will not allow you to silence her. We will fight against your black operations. We will expose you for your lies and we will hold you accountable for your crimes. The Rubicon has been crossed. The time of reckoning is near. You will be unmasked and we will never stop until you are taught a lesson about truth.

DDS, fight! DDS, Unite!👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻




2 thoughts on “Mocha’s alleged Php 300,000 from Marcos”

  1. I hope you can do these kinds of critical analysis on other engineered ‘fake’ news that comes by, not only those attacking Mocha or Duterte or his other allies but also those attacking Robredo or any controversial news about any high ranking official for that matter.


    1. Hi Alan, thank you for your response. Sorry it took a while before we are able to get back to you immediately. Unfortunately though, we are not interested in Robredo . She is the leader of the opposition and as revealed by #LeniLeaks, she is plotting against the President. There are people who can help her, not us. In any case, thank you again for reading.


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