#LeniLeaks: Leni’s Admission by Silence

by Maria Makiling

It was early Friday morning when Sass Rogando Sasot discovered the Yahoo Groups of the Oust Duterte cabal. She wrote about it. Thinking Pinoy wrote about it too. It went viral.

It was only on Sunday when mainstream media had no choice but to cover it. Thanks to Secretary Martin Andanar’s podcast on Saturday night. They no longer had any choice. When no less than the Secretary of the Presidential Communications Office (PCO) and the National Security Adviser are already looking into the leak, it must be something big.

It was only on Sunday afternoon that the alleged VP confronted the #LeniLeaks issue by saying she doesn’t have to explain herself. In other words, the response is SILENCE.

Madam VP, even if you failed the Bar in your first take, you must have encountered this provision in the Philippine Rules of Court:

Rule, 130, Section 32

Section 32. Admission by silence. — An act or declaration made in the presence and within the hearing or observation of a party who does or says nothing when the act or declaration is such as naturally to call for action or comment if not true, and when proper and possible for him to do so, may be given in evidence against him. (23a)

Our lawyer friends have pointed this out. Are we to believe that your silence means it’s true?

You have been asked since Friday to confirm or deny your involvement in the #LeniLeaks. While you deny being part of the Ouster plot against the President, you do not deny the involvement of your Office in the #LeniLeaks. You do not deny that you know about it. At best, the word for that is acquiescence. At worst, it’s conspiracy.

Good luck, Leni. Impeachment rightly waits for you. #LeniLeaks #LeniKnows #ImpeachLeni


One thought on “#LeniLeaks: Leni’s Admission by Silence”

  1. our vice president of the philippines now are not derving to be our vise president . people who are with her to put on where she is ,must funish by law …
    and for thoose believing that marcos are bad in many ways ,they should look their self on the mirror ..
    there’s no one is perfect …we have to learn to forget and forgive ..what happen in past and ib future ,…it is our Destiny and the Destiny must DONE ….


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