The Blind defenders of De Lima


by DDS News

Critics have repeatedly labeled us, the Diehard Duterte Suporters or DDS, as blind followers of the president. We have been put into bad light and shamed whenever we defend the president from their criticisms.

But come to think of it, are we the ones who are blind? I don’t think so.

Liberal Party senators Kiko Pangilinan, Risa Hontiveros, Bam Aquino, Franklin Drilon and the infamous Antonio Trillanes have been the protectors of drug queen Senator Leila De Lima, who by the way has been arrested for illegal drug trade, a non-bailable offense. These senators were also seen on television behind De Lima when she shed tears after the court ordered her arrest. The LP issued a statement yesterday condemning De Lima’s arrest. They said, “This arrest is purely political vendetta and has no place in justice system that upholds the rule of law.”

 The court issued the arrest warrant. This means, the court found enough evidence against De Lima. This also means, the real battle will now begin in court, where due process will be practiced and not in the media where LP has mastered how trial by publicity is done. And yet they are making it appear, as they are the victims here. Typical LP move. Boo!

Ano pa bang ebidensya ang gusto niyo?  She had her former bodyguard/lover, who was her bagman speak against her. Convicted drug lords confessed they paid De Lima a huge chunk of money. She was a coddler of these drug lords! Ano ba ang di niyo makita? Sino sa atin ngayon ang bulag?

These senators who have repeatedly accused us of being blind are now the ones who are blind to the truth that they are coddling an illegal drug trader; blind to the pieces of evidence shown in their faces; blind to the fact that whatever propaganda they use or do, they can never make us believe them.

They are the blind followers of a crooked “yellow” system, and a coddler of an illegal drug queen.

At Senator Koko Pimentel, nakabantay din kami sayo. Parang hindi gusto ng DDS ang asal mo ngayon sa Senado at kung paano mo prinotektahan si Leila.

Hindi pala kami bulag. Kayo ang bulag.

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